10 Reasons to Buy Tickets for MEDICA

10 May 2021

Medicine has gone a long way in the past decade alone. Digitalization has left its mark and now it is impossible to experience any trends in the medical industry that do not rely on smart tech. The primary market for the discovery of the latest and best in electromedicine and laboratory equipment is MEDICA. This juggernaut of a trade show has been active for the better part of fifty years and is a source for groundbreaking breakthroughs every single year it’s held in Dusseldorf, Germany.

MEDICA positions itself as a major B2B procurement platform. Thanks to its prestige and superior matchmaking program, exhibitors are able to meet up with their target audience in no time at an incredible rate and close big deals. In the past editions have made quite the impact in sheer numbers. We’re talking somewhere around 5500 international exhibitors, who in turn draw in well over 120,000 trade visitors that more or less represent the entire world. Fair data reports visitors from 155 countries to have attended.

The exhibition halls accommodate a vast product portfolio, which is divided into seven categories as a whole. You’re able to experience technical achievement and product launches across diagnostic tests, laboratory technology, electromedical equipment, and medical technology, physiotherapy and orthopedic technology, commodities, and consumer goods, information and communication technology

Startups are most certainly welcome and boosted invisibility. MEDICA takes great care of new players in the industry and sets them up for success at the MEDICA START-UP PARK, which can be found at the Digital Health Sector. There’s always great interest in innovators, who take on current challenges in unconventional ways, and startups will be able to establish contacts, get to know experts and well-respected names in business, research, and politics. Sooner or later, you will find that partner to elevate your business.

Personalized medicine is only gaining traction thanks to the rise of wearable devices, which collect data on a person’s specific body metrics. The market has sizeably grown in the past decade and as a result, MEDICA has created a special space for this tech: The WT | Wearable Technologies Show. Everyone from established companies to newcomers can present their devices aimed at the end consumer, whether a device is ready for the market or at the prototype stage.

Exhibitors who want to reconnect with current clients and convert prospects are in the right place. MEDICA attracts anyone and everyone involved in the medical industry, so you have your pick in terms of trade visitors. Professionals from the entire value chain make it a point to attend. These include general practitioners, hospital doctors, hospital managers, hospital nursing staff, hospital technical managers, laboratory managers, medical specialized trade, medical assistants, and cost units.

Other than business, MEDICA also provides incredible support programming. The star of the show is definitely the MEDICA HEALTH IT FORUM as it tackles essential, of-the-day subject matter from technical applications to establishing the necessary material base and infrastructure. You can sign up for expert panels, tech talks and deep-dive sessions. Whether it’s “Virtual care & digital therapeutics” that excites you or “Medical artificial intelligence & robotics”, the forum has you covered. Thankfully, not everything is purely theoretical as there’s a specialized exhibition area tacked onto the forum space, where you can see the concepts and ideas in devices and robotics.

Another crucial event to mention is the MEDICA CONNECTED HEALTHCARE FORUM. It takes a special look at the software and digital solutions in the healthcare industry. It’s quite the spectacle considering the program features above 100 speakers focusing on the future health agenda. In addition, visitors can check out the Internet of Medical Things, which showcases connected MedTech and smart devices, and sit in on the MEDICA Start-up COMPETITION for health apps and AI in healthcare. An even more thrilling competition is the Healthcare Innovation World Cup. Here you have the best and brightest competing in several categories such as IoMT devices, wearables, smart patches, and smart implants.

That’s only scratching the surface. MEDICA has something to offer to just about anyone and while you’re planning what you’re going to do at the trade show, we’re here to help you with your stay. Discover only the best hotel offers in Dusseldorf tailored to your budget.