10 Reasons That Should Bring You to HUSUM Wind

15 Jun 2021

Germany has fully committed itself to transition into green, renewable energy that requires little resources and leaves a limited impact on the environment. Wind energy has been the obvious choice for the country and now Germany is dotted with thousands upon thousands of turbines.

This, of course, opens the country to new investment and has led to its reputation as a leader on the territory of Europe. As a result, HUSUM Wind has been branded as the WIND MECCA. The title clearly promises a lot of business opportunities for companies involved at all levels in the supply chain.

Looking at the numbers, there are over 550 specialized exhibitors attending from all over Europe and even farther. The audience is also very impressive – 18,000 trade visitors, which come from all sorts of professional backgrounds. You’re likely to meet manufacturers, project developers, suppliers, operators, utility companies, municipalities and investors.

Technologically speaking, you also have a great assortment of technologies and solutions for every area of investment. The exhibition halls feature new models and advancements in power grid links, energy accumulation, plant parts, wind turbines, services and wind power plants. In 2021, there’s going to be a special area dedicated only to Offshore Wind & Green Hydrogen.

Buyers can also tour and invest in young companies with creative ideas and big ambitions at the Young Companies stand, which is created within the framework of the BMWi Young Innovative Companies funding program.

It’s worth noting that each edition of HUSUM Wind partners with a specific state. The goal here is to showcase how different German states are progressing in their attempts to expand the wind energy industry on their territory. This allows for buyers and exhibitors to examine new market opportunities that emerge. For 2021, the official partner state is Brandenburg.

HUSUM Wind is invested in showcasing the entire value chain for the wind industry and tasks itself with the mission to bring to the spotlight the most recent trends and developments. Each edition of the trade fair is built around specific topics. For the upcoming 2021 edition, there are four main topics that serve as the pillar for programming and technology you’re going to see:

ONSHORE/OFFSHORE: It’s always been the core of the show especially since Germany emerged as a natural leader in the wind-generated power. The country’s largest wind farm network is found between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. It makes sense for HUSUM Wind to explore developments and trends across every link in the supply chain.

GREEN HYDROGEN: There’s a big movement to decrease the carbon footprint of the energy sector and green hydrogen is the biggest cutting-edge innovation to come out of the movement for sustainable renewable power. Naturally, there’s a big demand.

REPOWERING & RECYCLING: As the wind industry increases in size and technologies evolve by leaps and bounds, it’s expected to have the rough conversation about how to transition from old turbines to new ones and how to best use recycled raw materials.

SECTOR COUPLING & STORAGE: Power storage has been a main source of interest for some years now as is how to best use green electricity to decarbonise the heating and transport sectors.

However, it’s not all business at HUSUM Wind. The international trade show gives you plenty of opportunities to relax and build relationships on a personal level. Get a nice drink and meet up with colleagues at the Town Hall Reception, which opens the event on the first night. It allows you to get a good look at who’s in attendance and even do a little bit of informal networking.

Green energy and health seem to go hand in hand. It’s why part of the program for HUSUM Spirit centers on outdoor activities. HUSUM "WINDLAUF" is a fun race with a scenic route through green pastures and views of the sea. Another popular event is the HUSUM WIND TROPHY. This one is aimed at the avid golfers who want to test their skills at a golf tournament.

As you can see there’s plenty to excite you both professionally and personally to buy tickets for HUSUM Wind. If you’re interested in making your mark in the European wind market, then this is the only trade show that matters.