The 9 Defining Features That Make ACHEMA Unmissable

7 Jul 2022

Based in Frankfurt, Germany, ACHEMA charts the future of the chemical engineering industry and keeps its fingers directly on the pulse of cutting-edge technology. The trade show has been around since 1920, maintaining impressive growth over the last 100 years. Editions are spaced out every three years – more than enough time for emerging trends and technologies to become market ready and ripe for development.

ACHEMA pioneers innovations across chemical engineering, chemical and biochemical reaction technology, energy and alternative feedstock, and material processing. Right now, the trade show firmly examines the landmark changes brought upon by the Industry 4.0 revolution. Extra care is put into new opportunities provided by automation and AI. However, the last few editions examine practical solutions to achieve sustainability, safety and water management.

A century-long history comes with certain prestige and guarantee of quality. It’s not uncommon to hear ACHEMA referred to as the World Forum for the Process Industries. Certainly not an exaggeration as it performs at the highest possible level and maintains a fantastic overview of all related product groups. The exhibition space is segmented in 12 distinct areas.

These would be the Digital Hub; Materials Technology and Testing; Industrial and Labour Safety; Laboratory and Analytical Techniques; Pharmaceutical, Packaging and Storage Techniques; Research and Innovation; Instrumentation, Control and Automation Techniques; Engineering; Literature, Information, Learning and Teaching Aids; Pumps, Compressors, Valves and Fittings; Mechanical Processes, and Thermal Processes. It’s this diversity in products, innovations and solutions that elevate ACHEMA above similar events and earn its popularity.

ACHEMA maintains the reputation as the most-visited trade show within the chemical engineering and process industry with visitor numbers reaching as high as 144,000 people. With over 3700 exhibitors in attendance, it’s easy to see why that would be the case. As an exhibitor, you are able to meet with buyers and skilled professionals from 145 countries. No other trade show compares to the abundance of high-quality contacts. You meet with engineers, commercial staff, foremen, lab assistants, technicians, chemists and physicists.

Business dictates most of the interactions at ACHEMA thanks to guided tours and special shows, but there’s quite a lot to do at the trade show to stay up to date with what’s been happening in any related field. One of the main sources of information is the ACHEMA Congress. A stellar lineup of thought leaders, researchers and technology providers dives deep into the main challenges that are currently shaking up the industry and possible solutions. The programme investigates fossil-free production, the hydrogen economy, perspectives in laboratory and analytics, digitalization, and novel bioprocesses and technologies. The PRAXISforum serves a more practical extension of the conversations happening during the congress. Attendees sit through short presentations that focus much more on best practices and the most effective application of current technologies.

In 2022, ACHEMA partners with ARC, NAMUR and ZVEI to host an additional forum called “Automation in Dialog”. The spectrum of topics ranges from perspectives on safety and security to the future of modularization. NAMUR presents its Open Architecture and its vital role within the digitalisation of the process industry.

Speaking of exciting technology, the Innovation Challenge “Plant Service Robot” pits autonomous mobile robots against each other in a series of trials such as capturing sensor images, taking samples, and negotiating industrial stairs. The goal here is to develop robots that can assist human employees in their work and increase safety.

ACHEMA extends beyond the pure B2B components and knowledge sharing through its support information programme. The trade show does a lot of work to ensure a new flow of skilled workers enters the workforce. The Career Forum seeks to introduce job seekers with potential employers. Visitors have their pick from trainee programs, internships and permanent positions. The Forum is suitable for professionals at all levels, who are planning their next stage in their career. Another bonus are the resources for university and high-school students, who want to explore the practical side of the industry. What can they expect? What are potential career paths in front of them? They benefit from access to potential employers and the wonderful information programme taking place.

ACHEMA takes care of business along the vertical line. Its comprehensive programme and wide appeal to international suppliers and buyers contribute to the long-lasting success and reputation as a must-attend event!