The 10 Reasons You Can’t Miss bauma for the World

4 May 2022

How does one trade fair that’s only staged once every three years dominate the construction and mining industry on a global level? Let’s find out!

First and foremost, you should be at bauma, because everyone else already is! You can’t argue with the numbers. In 2019, organisers reported 3,684 exhibitors from 62 countries and regions and 627,603 visitors from over 217 countries and regions. This is a guarantee that you’ll reach markets over the entire world – Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Australia, Africa and the Americas. That’s a strategic advantage no other trade event in the entire world gives you.

Plus, bauma scores high on exhibitor satisfaction. From visitor quality to the internationality of the event, the rating doesn’t fall below 90%. This applies to exhibitors wanting to return for any future edition.

Bauma wouldn’t be bauma without its dedication to presenting nothing but the entirety of the value chain for mining and construction. The trade show spreads on an impressive exhibition area with indoor and outdoor exhibits and live demonstrations. The product portfolio extends to construction and utility vehicles, construction machinery and attachments, drilling, special machinery for road construction, maintenance and repair, formwork and scaffolding, occupational safety and security, tunneling, roadway support and excavation, and site equipment.

Mining professionals experience the full breadth of machinery, equipment and vehicles related to mining at the bauma Mining exhibition area. This specialised zone occupies a large outdoor space, where exhibitors showcase their latest models together. You’ll be able to experience the newest trends in the steel and coal industry. The biggest reason for visitors to attend is research products for purchases and there’s everything a mining company might need – machines for extraction of raw materials, handling of raw materials and mineral processing technology.

The exhibition invests a lot of money and effort to promote innovation. The reason why bauma is consistently successful is because it creates the right conditions for the industry to learn about new research. Cutting-edge technologies find their way on the stage of bauma LAB0, whose job is to showcase in-development solutions and offers for construction and mining. No matter what sector you’re in, you’ll be able to learn about what’s being done across all major bauma topics.

For 2022, the trend topics will be “The road to zero emissions”, “Digital construction site”, “The road to autonomous machines”, “Construction methods and materials of tomorrow” and “Mining —sustainable, efficient, reliable”. Bauma makes sure you have enough opportunities to educate yourself on the most important subjects in a variety of ways. The bauma Forum remains the best forum worldwide as its lineup features the very top names in the industry. The programme features international lectures, keynotes and discussion panels.

If you’re more interested in high-level research, then the science hub is the best place for you as it features the revolutionary work being done in prestigious universities from around the world. It’s very important to highlight how much bauma values new talent. It’s why the Think BIG area gets all the buzz. Trainees, students and young professionals all flock to bauma in order to see how they can enter the construction and mining industry, and what the next steps in their career development should be.

Since we’re on the subject of new talent and newcomers, we have to mention the start-up area – a thriving and growing addition to the bauma format. The next generation of superstars showcase their fresh, exciting visions to a receptive audience. Are you a small operation that’s trying to catch their big moment early in their career? This is where the magic happens as you’ll be able to make connections with top investors.

As bauma is constantly evolving, it’s high time to update the bauma Innovation Award. Five new categories have been added to the existing format, which reflect the changing nature of mining and construction. The categories are climate protection, digitalisation, mechanical engineering, research and building.