Starling Quality and Impeccable Design at BASELWORLD 2017

29 Nov 2016

It’s no secret the market for precious gemstones, jewellery and designer watches is evolving, but certainly far from slowing down. Despite the current economic climate, these sectors are still registering impressive turnout and demand grows for novelty, excellence and style. The world leaders, dealers and suppliers of the watch and jewellery industry gather at one event in particular – BASELWORLD 2017. The numbers can’t be argued with; over 1500 exhibitors and more than 145,000 trade visitors gather together for an extensive eight-day program in the charming town of Basel, Switzerland. Next year the dates are set between March 23rd and March 30th.

BASELWORLD 2017 Defines Tastes for the Year Ahead
The main goal at BASELWORLD 2017 discovers the breathtaking moment that will ripple throughout the world next and the search takes place in every product category. You see a rich constellation of priceless jewellery collections on display alongside the finest watches in high price categories. In addition, you have dealers presenting diamonds, pearls and gemstones and manufacturers of machinery and accessories for the watch- and jewellery-making businesses. Those lucky to be in sync with market demands are bound to come home triumphant.

Media Coverage Unlike Any Other
Given that BASELWORLD 2017 targets an industry that relies on being acknowledged and seen, it’s no wonder that media attention is high. If you’ve been looking for that door that opens the world to your brand and your wares, this is the stage you need. More than 11,000 journalists have been estimated to make the trip to Basel. Play your cards right and you break into markets you’ve ever even dreamed of!

Take No Chances with Your Business Trip
As established, BASELWORLD 2017 is not an event you can attend without due preparation, especially where your accommodation is concerned. You need hotel rooms near the exhibition centre that surround you with colleagues, potential partners and clients. The better the location the better your networking! Trust Go Fair ltd knows all the right deals to make it happen, but it’s best you act right now and beat others to the punch.