Shape the New Digital Future at CEBIT 2016

31 Jul 2015

It’s no secret that businesses of all industries and sizes rely more and more on the Internet and digital solutions to grow, evolve and support the economy. Digitization is the key subject at CEBIT 2016, which will take place between March 14th and March 18th in Hannover. You can expect over 3300 exhibitors and more than 220,000 industry insiders to attend and shape how the economy changes. Don’t miss out on the business opportunity here.

CEBIT 2016 – New Grounds for Business
As the process of digitization has not yet matured completely, CEBIT 2016 is ripe with new business opportunities and you’ll see government institutions, organizations, established and emerging companies all on the hunt for partnerships. The market is still not fully tapped and you stand to win big with even the smallest participation.

You’ll find the program offers a generous number of networking events where you’ll be able to expand your professional circles and branch out into international waters.

Stay on Top the Latest Breakthroughs and Practices
CEBIT 2016 serves startup companies best as it’s the crash course in all the newest solutions and developments. You get to see the next big thing rise before it becomes adopted around the world. If you think you’re sitting on the next big thing, then enter in the award competitions. The CODE_n and CeBIT Innovation Award all look for means to streamline digitization and offer easy-to-adopt applications for businesses.

In the best case scenario, you win and business will boom, but even if you don’t, you’re sure to learn how to improve or find an investor!

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