Redefine Beauty, Personal Care and Cosmetics at the VIVANESS 2017 Show

1 Nov 2016

VIVANESS 2017 has been a success story the moment it launched and has been since then on a steady growth trajectory as a must-see international trade fair. Held in Nuremberg, Germany and with a focus on innovation, the event anticipates for over 250 exhibitors to showcase their newest and very best in and organic cosmetics, wellness products and drugstore articles. The program runs four days in mid-February, launching on February 15th and ending on February 18th. This event is always heavily visited, considering it’s co-hosted with BIOFACH, and this upcoming edition predictions are for attendance to reach 50,000 trade visitors.

Product Diversity & In-Depth Market Representation
Exhibitors aren’t only celebrating the beauty industry, but fostering innovation and facilitating business deals. It’s the platform to generate sales leads and do research on your competitors as you’ll see every product category represented. To give you taste, here some of the products on display – facial care, eye care, anti-aging products, body care, body lotions, oils, hand and nail care, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, treatments, hair colorings, fragrances, special cosmetics, sun care, oral and dental care; to name a few.

Receive Vital Up-to-date Information
Apart from a fruitful business event and networking environment, VIVANESS 2017 is also the place where you can learn about industry standards, emerging trends and the changing attitudes towards cosmetics. The Novelty Stand focuses on a creative reimagining of classic products and spearheads technological innovation. The VIVANESS Congress focuses on the prevalent problems and challenges facing the industry from how to break into a new market to target groups and product positioning.

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