Presenting SMM Hamburg 2024

29 Sep 2022

Attending maritime events is essential for members of the industry. They aid in learning about the latest policies and innovations affecting the sector. It also enables members to enhance their professional skills and expand their knowledge. There are several trade fairs that maritime professionals such as should mandatorily attend. One of them is SMM Hamburg 2024 and the upcoming 2026 edition. Why is the event a must-attend for marine industry members?

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SMM Hamburg Fundamentals

SMM Hamburg is a pivotal event of international importance. It allows participants to engage in business exchanges and expand their professional skills. They can also additionally examine the latest innovations within the whole value chain. Earning recognition by launching new concepts is also an attainable goal.

Attendants can complete the mentioned objectives by participating in a diverse event schedule. It features various showstoppers. These vary from a detailed exhibition with six themed routes to a host of conferences and stages. Additionally, the fair includes the options for exhibitors to host sub-events. Participants can also network through diverse alternatives, such as Wine O'clock.

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One of the primary showstoppers within the event schedule is the exhibition. It provides a comprehensive overview of industry verticals like maritime security and digitalisation. These can be overviewed by following one of six themed routes. They comprise:

  • Cruise & Ferry Route
  • Digital Route
  • Green Route
  • Job Route
  • Security & Defence
  • Start-ups

Each route, as mentioned, presents different wares. The Cruise Route, for instance, features ship technology suppliers that present interior equipment. The Digital Route features digitalisation solutions. The Green Route features alternative fuel solutions, hydrogen technologies, and shipping defossilisation methods.

The Job Route enables students and young professionals to learn about work opportunities. The Security & Defence Route showcases the latest dual-use applications, such as counter-piracy alternatives. The Start-up Route showcases the innovations of various start-ups. These are presented within a specialised area known as the Start-ups@SMM. The section additionally features an event schedule which includes two sub-events. These include a networking night and an award ceremony.

The networking sub-event is known as the SMM Maritime Start-up Night. It enables start-ups to network with potential investors and expand their specialist knowledge. The award ceremony lauds the winners of the SMM Maritime Start-up Award. It honours innovations that further the development of the industry. Examples include Ankeri’s software, which enhances shipping transparency and collaboration. The Award comprises start-ups presenting pitches that describe their company and products.

Another networking micro-event is the MariMatch. It is a two-day event of pre-arranged meetings and a guided tour that presents innovations. It features sustainability, automation, additive manufacturing, and novel material companies. Another networking sub-event is Wine O'clock, which converts stages into relaxed meeting locations.

The networking sub-events also include the Maritime Career Market. It occurs on a specific day. It enables pupils, students, and young professionals to network with potential hiring companies. They can also learn about career and training opportunities, such as study programmes.

SMM Hamburg also includes conference sub-events that enable participants to expand their professional knowledge. These vary in format and topic range, as well as hosting times. For instance, the Maritime Future Summit occurs during the first days of the event. It discusses digitalisation solutions that promote collaboration. This includes the formation and development of intelligent alliances and multidisciplinary solutions. Example topics featured within the Summit include connecting digital technologies and data. Speakers representing maritime technologies, shipbuilding, and security discuss such subjects. For instance, the SMM conference 2024 includes leading speakers like Patrick Mueller.

Similar in format and intent is the TradeWinds Shipowners Forum. It discusses sustainability issues, such as implementing zero-carbon strategies. The GMEC or Global Maritime Environmental Congress also focuses on zero emissions. Yet, it debates the most urgent challenges and opportunities. In particular, it discusses five specifically selected topics. Carefully selected industry experts such as Cristina Aleixendri present these. Examples of pre-selected subjects include the potential use of nuclear energy.

The Conference on Maritime Security and defence (MS & D) is one of the pivotal sub-events. It focuses on security issues, such as future non-military and military threats. It is held for two days and features academic, naval, and military speakers. For instance, the 2024 edition includes representatives such as Christian Rucker.

The Offshore Dialogue is also a pivotal conference sub-event. It discusses innovative climate change process monitoring maritime technologies. The Dialogue also debates the technological challenges related to generating energy from oceans. Such include decommissioning pre-existing large-scale offshore installations. These are discussed by speakers such as Georgios Plecrakis.

SMM Hamburg also features three Transition Stages. These are areas that present various topics, including innovative concepts and solutions. Each Stage discusses a different aspect. For instance, the Green Transition Stage focuses on environmental protection. The Digital Transition Stage discusses digitalisation. The Cruise & Ferry Stage debates interior design, technology, and equipment.

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Each Transition Stage features two types of presentations. One is the informative sessions, and the other is the exhibitor speaker slots. The Exhibitor speaker slots allow exhibitors to address potential customers by presenting themselves.

The Career Forum is one of the must-attend sub-events for students and professionals. It discusses topics like career opportunities, study programmes, and research projects. Participants can also engage in one or more Exhibitor Events. These are sub-events organised by the exhibitors of the trade fair.

Hosting Frequency of SMM Hamburg

SMM Hamburg is a biannual trade fair held for five days at Messe Hamburg.

Exhibitors and Products

Various maritime industry sectors attend SMM Hamburg. Examples include boats, boat accessories, shipbuilding, port equipment, and offshore technology segments. Representatives from the marketing, IT, financial, retail, education, and electronics industries also attend. The participant group features professionals such as:

  • Shipowners
  • Suppliers
  • Shipyard personnel
  • Shipbuilders
  • Charters
  • Media representatives
  • Hydrographers
  • R&D specialists
  • Consultants
  • Designers
  • Administration personnel
  • Port operators
  • Mechanics
  • Brokers
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Marina managers
  • Boat handlers
  • Security staff
  • Engineers
  • Repair specialists
  • Electronics manufacturers
  • HR and PR experts
  • Marketing specialists
  • IT experts
  • Educators
  • Finance & accounting specialists

The event features high participant rates. For instance, SMM Hamburg Germany 2022 featured 2,000 exhibitors and 30,000 visitors. They networked on a total of 93,000 m2.

Each sub-event occurs on a specific day, with a few exceptions. For instance, the Maritime Future Summit occurs on the first day of the event. The TradeWinds Shipowners Forum is held on the second event day. The Maritime Start-up Night, the SMM Start-up Award and GMEC are hosted during the third day. The Offshore Dialogue takes place on the fourth day. The Career Forum and the Maritime Career Market occur on the fifth day. The MS & D and the MariMatch sub-events are held on the fourth and fifth days. The Wine o’clock micro-event is available between the second and fourth day. The Exhibition and the Transition Stages are accessible from the second day onward. This also applies to the various Exhibitor Events.

The leading companies of SMM Hamburg

SMM is a trade fair that features many leading companies as participants. The 2024 edition, for example, features the following brands as speakers:

  • Siemens Energy Marine
  • ABS
  • Port of Rotterdam
  • Inter IKEA Group
  • Silverstream Technologies
  • Bureau Veritas
  • International Windship Association (IWSA)
  • Rolls-Royce
  • NAVAL FORCES Magazine
  • Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems
  • Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI)

Many leading companies also attend as exhibitors:

  • Castrol Limited
  • Telenor Maritime AS
  • Panasonic Connect Europe
  • Daihatsu Diesel
  • Daikin Europe
  • Evonik Industries AG
  • Scania
  • ExxonMobil
  • Robert Bosch
  • Kawasaki Heavy Industries
  • Liebherr-Components AG
  • MAN Truck & Bus SE
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
  • Saint-Gobain
  • Schneider Electric
  • Honeywell

Accommodation for SMM Hamburg

Participating in SMM Hamburg can be beneficial. Yet, ensuring the best results from your business trip requires careful planning. This includes examining and booking suitable accommodation, such as lodgings near Messe Hamburg. Such a task can be time-consuming. There are means to present such issues, including reviewing a carefully selected database.

Trade fairs held the same month as SMM 2024

SMM Hamburg is one of the trade fairs participants can attend during September 2024. Examples include Aluminium 2024.

Previous editions' summary


SMM Hamburg 2022 Germany occurred as a face-to-face trade show at Messe Hamburg. It was attended by 2,000 exhibitors, over 30,000 visitors, and over 100 speakers. The edition debuted the SMM Start-up Award.