MIDO 2022 – Exceeds Organiser Expectations Under the Motto #Livethewonder

11 May 2022

MIDO 2022 marked the 50th-anniversary edition of the end. It took place between 30.04.2022 and 02.05.2022 as a hybrid edition at Fiera Milano Rho. The venue featured Covid-19 safety measures, which were partially relaxed after 30.04.2022. The event debuted several new sub-events and presented sustainability as a central theme, in addition to the motto #Livethewonder. Over 22,000 visitors from over 50 countries attended the event. MIDO 2022 featured a high level of enthusiasm and optimism.

MIDO 2022 took place as a hybrid event between 30.04.2022 and 02.05.2022. The event consisted of a digital and live aspect. The live phase of the event took place at Fiera Milano Rho amidst Covid-19 safeguards, which after 30.04.2022 were partially relaxed. The safety measures included various procedures. Among them were the 3G entry policy and certified checks. Attendees had to present a Basic or Super EU Digital Covid Certificate until 30.04.2022. From 01.05.2022 until the end of the event, attendees no longer needed to provide such a Certificate. The safeguards also included social distancing and mandatory PPE. The implemented safety measures also incorporated frequent disinfection and sanitation sessions. All relevant areas of the venue were subjected to regular cleaning to prevent infections, including the high-touch areas such as door handles. Participants were also obligated to perform regular hand hygiene as part of the precautions. They could use the hand disinfectants featured throughout the event spaces for the task.
The digital aspect of the event took place in the form of the B2B digital platform that debuted in June 2021. This allowed attendees who could not attend in person to take part in the event.

MIDO featured a diverse range of highlights. These included:

  • the Buyers’ Reward Initiative
  • the Stand Up for Green
  • the Start Up Area
  • the Focus trends
  • the opening ceremony
  • the “AT A GLANCE - Sight and vision in the arts” Show
  • Otticlub
  • Lion’s Club Guide Dogs Demonstrations
  • the BESTORE Design 2022

The Opening Ceremony was one of MIDO 2022’s highlights. It occurred on 30.04.2022 and showed tribute to art in all expressive forms. This included music, dance, and entertainment. It also debated the latest topics of concern for the industry and celebrated the 50th anniversary by detailing the event's history. The Ceremony featured high-profile guests such as Constanza Calabrese, Paolo Meli, Carlo Ferroand Giovanni Vitaloni.

As has been previously stated, among MIDO 2022’s highlights were the focus trends. These debuted as the subjects of various Otticlub sessions. They were also featured as the themes that influenced the innovative products presented at the fair. The focus trends included:

  • Gender-neutral forms of eyewear
  • Vintage frames with 1970s elements
  • Sustainability throughout the process chain
  • Revisiting the classics
  • Bold and shocking colours

The wares presented each focus trend through different means. For instance, they showcased "Sustainability" via sustainable materials in packaging and processes. "Revisiting the Classics" was presented through classic styles such as cat-eye that have been altered using soft lines and mini or round shapes. "Bold and Shocking Colours" debuted as incorporating hues ranging from neon and flamboyant through psychedelic to shimmering and pastel. The Focus trends were also the central themes of the various Otticlub sessions. The examples include the Conscious + Key Colors for SS 2023 and the Innovation for a sustainable future.

The Otticlub was one highlight of the trade fair. It served, once again, as the central learning platform for a diverse range of participants, including buyers, opticians, designers and journalists. It was held during all event days and discussed various subjects. Among the leading ones were the latest trends and consumer behaviour changes. They also included the newest industry developments and innovations, such as new technologies. Medical conditions such as presbyopes and the novel means of diagnosing and treating them were also among the topics of the Otticlub. It also focused on the latest legislative issues, such as introducing new decrees. Among the highlight sessions were:

  • The effects of narcotics on drivers’ eyesight
  • Eyewear frames - an expression of style
  • Ophthalmic lenses designed via artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Future Consumer 2023: new key consumer profiles and requirements to conquer minds and market shares
  • How Optical Centers can stand out in this competitive market
  • SHAMIR METAFORM–nanotechnology to enhance your lenses

MIDO 2022 debuted three new additions to the support schedule:

  • The Stand Up for Green
  • The Start Up Area
  • The Buyers’ Rewards Initiative

The Buyers’ Rewards Initiative was a sub-event exclusive to buyers and featured three themed gifts. One gift was a limited edition of MIDO 50 eyewear designed by the Spectaful brand as part of the Yugaav collection. The design was selected via a hosted contest among the industry players. Through the Looking Glass was the second themed gift. It details the event's history and is written by Adriano Moraglio. The third themed gift was the History of Optics, written by Sergio Cappa and Silvio Maffioletti. It was a 400-page book that reconstructs the history of lenses and spectacles from their origins to the present day, detailing seven centuries.

The Stand Up for Green Contest was also one of the innovations to debut during MIDO 2022. The Contest lauded the stand creator whose show booth implemented the most eco-sustainable practices. The winner of the debut edition was Good’s by Peiro Buono due to its high usage of reusable structural elements and materials. This aided in reducing the stand’s environmental impact by promoting the recovery and reuse of plexiglass elements and materials from restoration sites. The Start Up Area also debuted during MIDO 2022. It served as a novel exhibition area alongside the Fashion District, Design Tech, Lenses, FAiR East, Tech, Lab Academy and More! The Start Up Area enabled emerging industry players to present their innovations at eco-sustainable stands within a dedicated and promoted area.

The “A colpo d’Occhio - Sguardo e visione nelle Arti” (AT A GLANCE – Sight and vision in the Arts) Show was also a highlight of MIDO 2022. It featured 15 reproductions of artworks that detail the art of seeing through the usage of evocative images and poetry. The Show was curated by Elisabetta Parente and sponsored by MIDO, SOl and SIOL. It was featured in the Otticlub lounge found in pavilion 15. The Lion’s Club Guide Dogs Demonstrations were also a notable highlight of the trade fair. They took place on 30.04.2022 and 01.05.2022. The sub-event helped in promoting awareness about service dogs, amblyopia, and visual impairment. The Demonstrations included three sessions. Each featured leading speakers such as Mariella Sciammett discussing topics like amblyopia prevention. The sub-event also included live demonstrations of training service dogs for the visually impaired.

The BESTORE DESIGN 2022 was also a notable highlight of the trade fair. It lauded optical centres with an outstanding shopping experience, retail space layout, furnishing, and materials (Design). It also honours ones that provide excellent customer services, external communications, store history and human/emotional qualities (Innovation). The winners were Indice and Cottet Óptica y Audiologia. Indice received the Design award for its concept, layout, furnishings and meticulous design. Cottet received the Innovation award for its high popularity and innovative design during the digital voting.

MIDO 2022 marked the successful relaunch of the industry and the event. It received a total of 22,000 trade visitors from over 50 countries. Furthermore, it presented the wares of over 660 exhibiting companies from 45 countries via five pavilions and eight exhibition areas. Among the leading countries [presented at the edition were:

  • France
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Greece
  • Germany
  • Great Britain
  • The Netherlands
  • Switzerland
  • Israel
  • The United States
  • Brazil
  • India
  • Tunisia
  • South Africa
  • Iran
  • The UAE

Participants expressed high satisfaction with their attendance, including visitor quality and participation numbers. Additionally, many lauded the opportunity to network in person, thus reconfirming the importance of face-to-face meetings for the ophthalmic industry.