7 Sep 2018

Over the course of 5 days, Paris hosts MAISON & OBJET – a major event that offers great perspectives on interior decoration. Attendees of this special event have the opportunity to learn the latest trends in design that form the global market along with the obstacles and challenges that designers and decorators meet today.
Moreover, this international trade show is a great platform for all creative minds who would like to share their ideas and show their achievements to a massive audience that reaches up to 78,000 visitors. All attendees have the chance to see the different product groups presented by over 3000 brands showing furniture, decorative pieces and multiple other interior decoration pieces.

This year MAISON & OBJET provides much clearer perspectives on the following two areas: MAISON and OBJET.

MAISON includes 4 different sectors.

People will find out about the very best home interior and decoration solutions available today. These four sectors are organized by style:

  • CRAFT - métiers d'art takes place in Hall 5A

This is where people can find world popular craft manufacturers, master craftsmen and artists of rare fine pieces and unique objects. They meet together to inspire visitors with their rich imagination and creativity thanks to which they are able to make these beautiful and unique products.

  • UNIQUE & ECLECTIC takes place in Hall 5A & Hall 6

This is the place where the crossroad of all cultures is located. People can find decorative objects and furniture that are traditional for specific ethnic groups and cultures along with a mix of exceptional product ranges. Attendees get to see a whole world of one-of-a-kind items that boast unique craftsmanship, design and art.

  • TODAY takes place in Hall 6

Both emerging and established designers are gathered here to combine their innovation skills and originality to meet the needs of our time. In these showcases, you see numerous lifestyle products from iconic design brands to just emerging ones with hopes to become popular worldwide. The furniture and decoration showed here is adapted to urban life.

  • FOREVER takes place in Hall 7 & Hall 8

Here you find timeless quality coupled with elegance and refinement that comes from home fashion concepts and luxury brands. This is the place where the highest standards for quality manufacturing are set.

OBJET involves 7 different sectors with the best objects and decorative accessories organized by product family.

  • COOK & SHARE takes place in Hall 1 & Hall 2

There is a lot to be experienced here – from cooking different cuisines to entertaining and tasting unique meals. The world of cooking is so dynamic and so many things happen in the kitchen. This sector is divided into 3 sections:

  • BE YOUR CHEF – where you have the chance to cook and prepare food like a professional
  • GOURMET GIFT – this is where all food aficionados are welcomed to find perfect presents
  • PARTY TIME – a place where those who try to invent new ways for entertaining guests meet with the manufacturers of traditional tableware.
  • SMART GIFT takes place in Hall 2 & Hall 3

The art of gift giving has evolved many thanks to this sector that teaches people how to do it the right way. It is important to please your friends with special presents that are both well-designed and attractive.
To achieve this SMART GIFT offers 3 spheres of truly inspirational gifts, which include PAPER TOUCH, i.e. the paper sensuality; CONNECTED LIFE technology and CREATIVE GIFT.

  • KIDS & FAMILY takes place in Hall 3

Today’s world gives parents an opportunity to express their creativity in their children’s bedrooms with unique furniture, toys, decoration objects, accessories and textiles. A new interior will make not only children happy, but the entire family, too. Come to Hall 3 for inspired ideas on how to make your children’s bedroom a desirable place for them to spend time there.

  • FASHION ACCESSORIES takes place in Hall 4

Fashion accessories are an irrevocable part of modern men and women’s lifestyle. A vast range of decorative objects can be found here – from accessories to fashion clothes, bags, jewellery and even talismans that match with your home’s interior.

  • HOME ACCESSORIES takes place in Hall 4, Hall 5A & Hall 5B

HOME ACCESSORIES shows the latest finds of decoration like objects and novelties you might be interested in to make your interior express your personality. Here people will find small furniture, lighting fixtures, decorative objects, cushions, wall décor and wallpaper and all other things they need in order to personalize their interiors according to their preferences.

  • HOME FRAGRANCES takes place in Hall 5A

Choosing the right fragrance is an art form that can be learned by visiting this hall. Here you will find out what the right scent is for your home. A wide range of fragrances are available here in the form of bath products, candles, etc.

  • HOME LINEN takes place in Hall 5A

The perfect home interior would be incomplete without household linen. In HOME LINEN, talents show different types of linen, like table linen, bath linen, loungewear and bed linen with a variety of soft and colourful textiles that set the tone to the interior and bring a gentle and delicate touch.
Great time and value are guaranteed at this event, as there will be multiple new purchasing experiences, visits, surprising itineraries that inspire attendees, as well as multiple new places to share with friends.
There is a lot to be seen in this world of novelties and innovations in the world of decoration and interior creativity: from children’s products and tableware to contemporary accessories, furniture, textiles and unique fragrances.
This exceptional diversity is worth to see in Paris at the popular MAISON & OBJET. This is the right place to become acquainted with the trends that are going to influence global markets.