Interlift 2022 - A Jubilant, Restriction-free Restart for the Lift Industry!

5 May 2022

Interlift 2022 took place as a face-to-face trade fair between 26.04.2022 and 29.04.2022 at Messe Augsburg. It featured 350 exhibitors, 11,800 visitors and an exhilarated atmosphere. This was due to the absence of strict Covid-19 regulations. Among the notable details of Interlift 2022 were its high percentage of innovations, decision-making competence, and internationality. It marked the successful restart of the lift industry.

Interlift 2022 featured a highly jubilant atmosphere. This was due to the event marking the successful restart of the trade fair. Additionally, the edition took place amidst the absence of coronavirus safety restrictions. This is due to the State of Bavaria lifting its restrictions on 02.04.2022. This marked a positive change as it signified the removal of entry and mask policies.

Interlift 2022 featured a high number of innovations. This included new products, system improvements and novel services. Among the notable innovations was miniaturisation in the field of supervision and control. This was presented through the usage of reduced shaft sizes and space requirements. Additionally, there were many innovations related to the accessibility sector. Among them were vertical lifting platforms and home lifts. Exhibitors also presented novel technologies within the software aspect, including new configurations. Examples of the displayed innovations include:

  • 2N® EasyGate IP; 2N® LiftGate; 2N® Elevator Center.

The EasyGate IP enables the conversion of analogue intercom stations into VoIP-enabled devices. This can occur without the need to alter the lift car’s hardware. The product uses the latest analogue GSM/UMTS/VoLTE/LTE for the task. This aids in supporting the SIP protocol. The protocol ensures the well-ordered transmission of DTMF codes to the control centre. Local portals and the cloud-based Elevator Center portal controls the device. An emergency battery is incorporated into the product. It adheres to the latest emergency lift communication standards and guidelines. LiftGate is an internet of things gateway that converts a standard lift into an IP solution. The innovative solution adheres to all IP lift requirements, including using only two conveyor cable lines. The LiftGate blends LTE router functions with an emergency power supply, a 2-wire to IP converter and a switch. Two sections comprise the innovation. One section is the primary unit with a cellular connection, several local LAN ports and one WAN port. The second section is the car or cabin switch. It comprises a pair of wires in a pendant cable. Data and power for the element come from the central unit. The cabin switch can connect to up to four devices via the PoE port and standard RJ45 ports. The Elevator Center provides round-the-clock control over built-in IP lift devices. This allows users to track IP intercoms, gateways and routers. Additionally, the device does not need extensive IT knowledge to be operated. This is due to it automatically connecting to the digital portal within seconds.

  • The novel emergency call system Lift eye-P X3

It features high availability via a VPN connection and Data SIM cards. The prevention of false calls occurs through the verification of the emergency. The system conducts image transmissions between the centre and the lift car for the task. This allows the users to access a reliable and affordable lift emergency call system. Existing installations are also compatible with the system. The novel system is manufacturer-independent and easy to install. The product features elements such as real-time data transmission and status evaluation. It also incorporates VoIP Voice communication and an EN 50518-certified alarm receiving station. The station is compatible with all mobile phone generations. This is due to the various integrated Data SIM cards. A safe and dependable VPM transmission channel is also included in the system. It furthermore includes a Text to Speech operation control with three incorporated interfaces. These are CAN bus, Modbus, RS 232 and 485, certified under the EN 81-28, EN 81-70 and ON B2458 standards.

  • The innovative UnaPorte®

This is a shaftless lift that features several one-of-a-kind and beneficial features. Apart from being shaftless, the novel lift incorporates a highly user-and-installation-friendly configuration. It also includes a modern/timeless design and novel LED lighting concept. The product has a long service life that helps to promote sustainability. It also features a fully automatic door control. Additionally, the product features sensor keys as part of its control panel. The novel ware also incorporates a frequency-controlled soft stop/start drive system. The highest travelling speed on an aluminium track is 0.15 m/min. This is achieved via a guide chain system and 0.75 kW drive one. Also, the lift features patented guide rails, door interlock and drive. The load capacity is 375 kg, and the available dimension is 1400 x 1100 mm (LxW). When closed, the lift requires a total space of 1675 x 1290 mm (LxW).

Apart from the presented innovations, Interlift featured as a highlight the VFA Forum. It was held under the maxim “Digitalisation, international standardisation, new markets and more”. It was a highly informative sub-event with over 40 expert presentations. The VFA Forum over-viewed many topics. This provided a multi-faceted analysis of the international lift market. The subjects included:

  • Country-specific markets
  • New digitalisation-related developments
  • The latest means to improve safety

Additionally, many of the lectures detailed the latest international regulations and standards. This included one session that took place on 27.04.2022. During the presentation, attendees could learn about the current elevator code/standard developments and state.

Among the speakers presenting the latest insights were Esfandiar Gharibaan and Rene Hermann. 27.04.2022 also featured the EU Regulation on Machinery Products session. It detailed the legal implications and timeline for substituting the Directive with the Regulation. Incorporated was also a comprehensive report on the industry effects that the substitution will cause. This included its influence on new and existing products. Completing the session was a detailed report on how the replacement will increase the safety levels of existing lift systems. One of the notable highlights of the Forum was the Global Lift Market, Technologies and Trends for Escalators and Lifts. It detailed the latest global developments, trends and innovations and featured two leading speakers. This included the author of the Global Elevator Industry Survey, Andre Kukhnin and Wolfgang Adldinbger.

The Lift Experts’ Night was also one of the notable highlights of Interlift 2022. It took place in the new VIP area of the WWK Arena. It provided a relaxed yet productive environment for exhibitors pursuing to expand their networks. This included conducting business and meeting new suppliers. They could also continue conversations with existing partners. The sub-event featured several changes. Among them were introducing an earlier entry hour and a digital admission system. This aided in preventing crowd congestion situations.

The 2022 edition of Interlift featured 350 exhibitors from 40 countries. There was high participation of exhibiting companies from Europe and Turkey. This included 61 exhibitors from Turkey, 90 from Germany and 55 from Italy. A total of 11,800 trade visitors from 87 countries attended the edition. 55% of them represented foreign countries. The edition was considered a great success and marked the restart of the industry.

The statistics further confirmed the successful restart. Nine of ten trade visitors were highly satisfied with their participation. Also, 93% of visitors intent to visit Interlift 2023. 88% rate the business result from their attendance as very good/good/satisfactory. Another notable statistic was the high level of decision-making competence. 69% of visitors had a decisive or co-decisive role in procurement decisions, and 19% had an advisory role. 28% of them had successfully concluded on-site deals. The exhibitors were also quite satisfied. 78% rated the business opportunities as very good/good/satisfactory. Additionally, 85% of them have confirmed their participation in Interlift 2023.