18 Mar 2016

Continuing our series of attractive destinations for business travellers, it’s time to focus on the German business magnet that is Dusseldorf. Germany, as a whole, enjoys a stellar reputation as a go-to country for industrial and professional events with both Munich and Berlin at the forefront, but Dusseldorf has always been a historical business-oriented city and in recent years has become the stage to some of the most acclaimed and well-visited exhibitions, trade fairs and conferences.

We’re collectively looking to 2016 and early 2017 for potential events across sectors to help you choose suitable events to book for your financial and professional well-being. Business trips to such events still rank at the top of the most effective tools to break out and gain steady business inquiries. The seven events we have picked don’t even begin to scratch the surface but are a good launching point. Behold our selections:

Have you been working hard to break into international glass markets? GLASSTEC 2016 can speed up that process exponentially. Held this September, this trade fair brings together all the big players in the glass industry getting somewhere over 43,000 trade visitors in total. From a myriad product to informative events, this is the event you want to attend.

PRO TIP: You may have to research the living expenses in Dusseldorf so you’re prepared with the prices charged. If you’re coming outside the European Union or a country where the Euro is the currency, you may want to budget accordingly.

K MESSE 2016
Make a lasting mark in the fields of rubber and plastic with an attention to K MESSE 2016, which serves as a key meeting platform for the international industry. This event is not only a fantastic chance to build a reputation and make direct sales, but also stay current by going to the world premieres and lectures hosted in October.

PRO TIP: A fundamental rule of budgeting states you monitor every expense. The reason a business trip goes over budget is the smaller, invisible expenses. Keep your spending in check with daily spending limits and deny yourself small luxuries. Why would you want a magazine at a time like this? Do you really need to snack on this? Can you find a cheaper option?

MEDICA 2016 remains the leading medical exhibition in the world and with a good reason. Every decision maker, influencer and major brand involved in the medical industry finds representation and you can look forward to seeing the latest developments in every field from electromedicine and medical Technology to diagnostics. Better be there in November!

PRO TIP: You can be quite certain most events will garner a large attendance – the numbers that make hotel hunting difficult, especially if you’re looking for rooms near the exhibition or trade fair. A good strategic move, instead, is to search for hotels and guesthouses a little way off-site, but with direct public transport options. Tell us and we’ll find one for you in a single day.

Staged alongside MEDICA 2016, COMPAMED 2016 focuses on the needs of the specialist supplier sector. The program not only features a heavy informative track with many forums and conferences but also accents on technological innovations in the fields of microtechnology and complex systems.

PRO TIP: What no one tells business travellers is that you might as well take some time off to see the sights. It’s true that you’re in Dusseldorf to work, but stealing a few hours here and there for a short sightseeing trip or a quiet evening at a local bar is just are important. You blow off steam and sleep better. Go Fair ltd selects hotels in colourful areas perfect for some light sightseeing.

With over 1000 exhibitors anticipated to display and demonstrate their products and process technologies, ALUMINIUM 2016 is set to usher a new era into the aluminium industry. You can expect to see policy makers and decision makers attend this event supporting the entire supply chain.

PRO TIP: Consider the most efficient mode of accommodation. If you’re travelling as a group, you might as well compare prices between hotels and go for double rooms more often than not. Also, ask for triple rooms options to get the overall accommodation expense to a more acceptable price tag.

Always setting new trends and introducing new technologies, COMPOSITES EUROPE 2016 is returning in November stronger than ever and you’ll have the chance to meet the entire international composites industry. On the agenda, you have to showcase cutting-edge production and processing technologies as well as strengthening business relations.

PRO TIP: The earlier you start with the travel arrangements you start, the more you’ll save on your expenses. We’re talking cheaper plane tickets and cheaper rooms. Give us a call today and we’ll secure you the best deals on the market straight away.

Scheduled in May, INTERPACK 2017 is a cross-industry platform where you get a full view of the latest technologies in the packaging industry from manufacturing to logistics. There’s much to be learned and you’ll find representatives from the food, beverage, confectionery, bakery, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and non-food and industrial sectors.