10 Reasons Why AGRITECHNICA Is the Only Trade Show Worth Your Time

24 Jun 2021

Germany has extensive experience in hosting and working agricultural events. DLG first held an exhibition for farming back in 1887, which means AGRITECHNICA is built on top of a century of experience in the industry. It’s no surprise then to see the international exhibition for agricultural machinery to grow and expand way beyond its initial home in Frankfurt to the point where it had to move to Messe Hannover, which is in the top percent of largest exhibition grounds worldwide.

The numbers clearly explain why AGRITECHNICA is the powerhouse of a trade show it is. Last edition saw more than 2800 international exhibitors and an audience that almost hit half a million people. The official number was 446,000 international visitors from all over Europe. You don’t need more as a reason to attend.

You’ll never get exposed to an audience such as this anywhere else and you better take full advantage. You get to meet with representatives from agricultural operation, retail and sales, contracting companies, forestry, machinery ring, industry, universities and colleges, municipalities and agricultural consulting. There are visitors from 144 countries in total and the biggest numbers are from European countries like France, the UK, Ukraine, Russia, Sweden, Poland, Finland and the Netherlands.

AGRITECHNICA is considered to be the single most important showcase for farmers in Europe thanks to its impressive product portfolio. You’re able to explore the latest and very best in soil and seeds, tractors and transport, harvest, crop protection and care, special crops, storage, systems and components, digital assistance, farm input, forestry, knowledge, trade and services.

That’s just the baseline. AGRITECHNICA values new advancements in technology. You’re able to discover the newest startups at DLG-AgrifutureLab. This specialized platform puts new brands firmly in the spotlight and guarantees access to targeted foot traffic.

Innovation is an integral part of the show’s DNA. Every edition sees hundreds of exhibitors sign up to compete for the AGRITECHNICA Innovation Award, which awards only one gold medal and 39 silver medals. The award is evaluated by a neutral DLG expert and is quite coveted, because it gives the winners prestige and greater visibility with buyers. Another major award is Systems & Components Trophy – Engineers’ Choice. This is a specialized award, which is determined by the votes of peers done through online voting. There’s a jury of top development engineers from current exhibitors, who then crown 3 trophy winners.

AGRITECHNICA builds on top of its rich product portfolio with a support program that tackles all the pressing farming challenges and trends. We’re talking about 300 presentations, forums and conferences, which are being held in German, English and French. The main focus falls on how to farm responsibly in a sustainable fashion and remain competitive on a global scale. Another super addition to the show is the live workshop. In the past, visitors were able to follow along how an agricultural and construction machinery mechatronics engineer performed maintenance and repair work on agricultural machinery.

If you’re looking for fresh talent to hire and guide through, then the Campus & Career part of the trade show is where you need to direct your attention. The Campus & Career platform attracts students with aspirations to break into the industry, new entrants to the job market and finally, professionals who are on the lookout for a change in scenery or new training opportunities. There are a lot of networking events happening to help you get to know new talent alongside career guidance, stages with talks and podium discussions and a job wall. The 2022 edition has scheduled a Young Farmers Day as well.

There’s a strong social aspect to AGRITECHNICA that aims at building community and forming stronger connections. One such attempt at building bridges between farmers across Europe is via the International Farmers’ Day made for farmers from the UK and France. The aim is to increase the number of visitors from these countries through a specialized technical programme. On a more relaxed note, there’s the Farming Simulator League. E-sports and farming doesn’t seem to go hand in hand as readily as you might think, but the ‘Farming Simulator’ computer game has a big cult following and AGRITECHNICA was home to the 2020 final!