Location: Germany, Essen
Organizer: LandesMesse Stuttgart GmbH

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The push for alternative energy sources, storage and use increases ever so much and WORLD OF ENERGY SOLUTIONS serves as the platform for energy mobility and battery longevity to be showcased to leading scientists and people in power. The international exhibition runs for two days in Stuttgart, Germany and attendance is set to number well over 3000 experts, among which fuel cell manufacturers and engineers. Don’t miss out on the early bird discounts for hotels in Stuttgart and secure a hotel booking online through Travel 2 Fairs ltd. You’ll discover a better way to plan business travel!

WORLD OF ENERGY SOLUTIONS prepares an involved program for its conference that is going to circle around concepts and applications for electric aircrafts, smart cities, smart homes and mobile applications for cars. Technologies presented by exhibitors include clean battery, fuel cell and hydrogen technologies. Focus on your attendance and leave the planning to Travel 2 Fairs ltd. We have a network of hotels, hostels and apartments throughout Stuttgart and can meet any budget constraints and group sizes. We also work towards placing you near public transport hubs for quicker commutes. All this we achieve in a single business day.

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