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Recycling management remains a significant challenge in today’s high consumer and industrial society. It’s at TERRATEC where exhibitors converge to discuss strategies, learn about new legislation and showcase cutting-edge technological innovations. Leipzig, Germany plays the host for the international trade fair. The audience consists of companies, architects and engineers. Don’t have a hotel booked? Travel 2 Fairs ltd starts you on your journey to book hotels for TERRATEC with our swift, efficient service. It takes you one day to get an online hotel reservation for trade fairs regardless of your destination.

Analytical technology, cleaning equipment, control technology, control technology, wastewater treatment plants process control, recycling facilities, sensors and instrumentation are some of the product categories on display at TERRATEC. Sustainability stands as the running theme for the exhibition and its support program. Immerse yourself fully at what TERRATEC has to offer you professionally and have Travel 2 Fairs ltd create your business travel experience. We’ve working relationships with hotels, hostels and apartments in central Leipzig and its outskirts. You can be certain we’ll locate the deals that reduce your spending and give you access to local public transport for a swifter commute.

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