COUNTRY: Belgium
CITY: Brussels

Upcoming Dates

Are you in the mood to create? MOOD 2019 is where design and styling come to life with the rich and varied diversity of fabrics showcased in Brussels, Belgium. Exhibitors from all over the world arrive to display furnishings, textile, yarns and fibres for three days. Programming’s scheduled for the period between September 10th and September 12th. If you’re looking to explore new markets and create brand awareness, this is where you need to head next. Travel 2 Fairs ltd can help you prepare for the international trade fair with a bespoke online hotel reservation for trade fairs.

You have your choice of hotels for MOOD 2019 without having to spend long hours researching locations, access to public transport and availability. We do all this for you! Not to mention we get the first pick on the best prices for your budget. That is the way to complete your business travel arrangements no matter where you’re headed next. Not you’ll have more resources to put into your MOOD 2019 attendance. The trade fair is known as the place for innovations in materials and you can see where your industry is headed next. Gain further respectability by making it to the award show!