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Location: Russia , Kubinka
Organizer: Bizon ECG

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ISSE is the international safety and security exhibition that sees serious participation from major manufacturers in the field, all showcasing the latest technological advancements and innovations in everything from surveillance systems to weapons and vehicles. Avoid the 14,000 trade visitors searching for hotels and hire Travel 2 Fairs ltd to make your hotel reservations.

Travel 2 Fairs ltd allows you to organize your entire stay in one sitting by simplifying the process for booking hotels for ISSE . You tell us what you need in your accommodation – price, location and type, and we provide you with the best offers in less than an hour. The most popular request we get is for hotels near All-Russian Exhibition Center, so you’re always close to the action, but we cover all major areas and can locate you where you need to be. All offers are selected to fit your budget and also connect you to vital public transport hubs for easier commuting.

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