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Location: USA , Las Vegas
Organizer: UBM

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Interop has a tight focus on information technology and communication technology – two fields that are amidst a rapid growth spurt and evolution. The international exhibition is staged in Las Vegas, USA, where thousands are set to come looking for products, services and the knowledge to further their career. Las Vegas is known as a tourist destination so it’s best to look for hotels for Interop today. We take over your business travel arrangements and offer a bespoke hotel booking online that’s light on your budget.

Interop showcases the cutting-edge advancements in data centers, wireless technology, network technology, servers, virtualization solutions and mass storage. It’s the perfect opportunity to build a strong reputation in a competitive field, while keeping an eye on market competitors. At the same time, there’s a focus on career-building technology education and training opportunities. To give your best performance, you need a hotel that meets your needs and doesn’t strain your finances. T2F works with you to understand what you need from your hotel stay and deliver it in just a single day. All you have to do is pick the deal you like best!

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