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CeMAT is an international biannual trade fair hosted in Messe Hannover, Germany. Founded in 2005, it is an event that coincides with and is held as a subsidiary event of Hannover Messe. It is a central presentation stage for diverse logistics and transportation engineering innovations. CeMAT presents a broad spectrum of new technologies. These are presented in sections such as logistics, industrial doors, and packaging. Corporate management and production specialists attend the event. Quality management, financial management, HR, R&D, and procurement experts also take part. So do sales, marketing, consultancy, PR, and warehousing transportation specialists. Repair/maintenance experts also attend. So do producers, importers, exporters, and retailers. Participants represent diverse countries, including China and Germany. A notable feature of the event is that it receives over 40,000 participants. Also, 39% of the visitors represent a foreign country, and 98% are decision-makers.

About CeMAT

CeMAT is a trade fair that receives diverse industries as participants. Such include logistics, IT, finance, and manufacturing. They also incorporate F&B, automotive, tobacco, pharmaceutical, and fashion. The aerospace, packaging, printing, electronics, and petrochemical sectors also attend. It furthermore receives the chemical, metallurgy, energy, and shipbuilding industries. The defence, commerce, storage, freight forwarding, telecommunication, and gears/drives industries also attend. So does the conveying sector.

CeMAT attracts such participants due to its diverse support programme. This includes showstoppers such as the exhibition, which features five sections. The zones are Pick & Pack, Store & Load, Move & Lift, Manage & Service, and Logistics IT. Other must-attend sub-events are the Young Tech Enterprises and the Logistics 4.0 Hub. The Logistics 4.0 Forum is also one of the leading showstoppers. Attendees can network with lead exhibitors such as Honeywell, Siemens, Schneider, and Panasonic.

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Due to the corona pandemic (COVID-19), trade fair and event information may be obsolete. You can get more information from the organiser.

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CeMAT 2022 coincided with Hannover Messe 2022. It took place between the dates of 30.05.2022 and 02.06.2022. The trade fairs were held as hybrid events – face-to-face trade shows complemented by digital platforms. The events featured many highlights. They received 2,500 exhibitors and around 75,000 live and 15,000 digital attendees. Messe Hannover did not feature strict Covid-19 safety measures, such as the #G entry policy. This was because of the removal of the domestic restrictions.





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