COUNTRY: Germany
CITY: Hannover

Upcoming Dates

Innovation has always been driving force at CeMAT 2020, where its last iteration saw more than 1500 innovations being introduced within the logistics & transportation engineering. Hannover, Germany is going to see 1000 exhibitors across the entire value chain covering material handling, transportation and storage between April 20th and April 24th. The audience is going to be well in the thousands – all the more reason to represent your brand here. Start planning outing and get the hotel accommodation for trade fairs crossed off your list. Travel 2 Fairs ltd designs your hotel stay to your every specification!

Business travel is easy to organize when you have an expert team behind your back to search for the most optimal deals. Travel 2 Fairs ltd operates with a large database of properties across the whole of Hannover and we deliver hotels for CeMAT 2020 according to your budget size, party size and preference in location. Cut down your expenses considerably and invest your funds in the international trade fair. CeMAT 2020 has a marvelous support program that spans the hands-on Experience Hub, where visitors can interact and operate the technologies on display, and Logistics 4.0 Forum, which focuses on mobile robot solutions.